Advertising Labels, Safety Labels, Embossed Labels and Metallic Label are all often produced using hot foil. With so many customisation options, hot foil printing is great for a whole range of luxury and premium product labels of impressive aesthetics. Pick from a range of metallic colours and combine with all kinds of materials and finishes.

Gold and Silver Printing

By using the Gold and Silver printing method, our stickers and labels are designed to make your message, logo or product packaging stand out, perfect for those looking for luxury brand appeal. This method is available in a polished shiny gloss as well as in brushed metallic gold and silver. Our gold and silver stickers and labels can be cut to any size and shape, available in small or large orders.

Silk Screen Printing

Silkscreen inks are very resistance to fading in direct sunlight and therefore a popular choice for labels used outdoors over long periods of time. Screen printing is a technique that involves applying a mesh pattern to a product surface, then pressing or pumping ink through the mesh openings and onto the product to produce the image. You can find screen print labels on a wide variety of packaging, OEM products and bottles.